since i just got back on the computer to do the unfollow/refollow, i figured i’d re-intro too because a lot of you did yesterday! i’m emma goulding, and yes, my last name is familiar because i’m ellie’s younger sister. my puppy milo is my best friend. i’m a model, and i like to get to know people. so you know how this goes, if you like this i’m going to message you on aim and bug you.

or, if you wanna message me that’s cool too.

aim: dil.emma


which is messier my life or my hair

i went on a hike with my baby. :)

i adore my sister ❤️

this picture alfie took makes it look like all i do is chill on the grass.



my personality varies from unbearably clingy to disturbingly distant and there is no inbetween